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Sawdust Session 21: June 14, 2008
Topics: Cutting coves and making moldings on a table saw, an ingenious technique for cutting irregular shapes easily and accurately, how to set up and use the pneumatic drum sander, and what to look for when shopping for a used Shopsmith Mark V. Plus
Drew gives some good advice on sanding coves and gluing mitered joints.

To view each topic, click on the photos.

1. Making Cove Moldings -- Using nothing more than a saw blade and a little ingenuity, you can create elegant cove moldings for furniture and finish carpentry. 2. Cutting Irregular Shapes -- Another time-saver from Nick the Jigmaster -- cut odd angles and shapes quickly and accurately in both large and small workpieces using the dead-simple jig. FREE plans (of course).
3. Pneumatic Drum Sander -- This little-known Shopsmith sanding accessory is worth it's weight in gold when you need to "blend" curved surfaces or sand three-dimensional shapes. 4. Finding a Bargain -- In Part 1 of our series Shopsmith Reborn, we go hunting for a used Mark V. Here's what to look for so you get yourself a bargain and not a basket case.
Drew's Interludes:
1. Gluing Miters and End Grain
The weakest glue joint you can make is to glue end grain to end grain, as in a miter joint. The end grains suck up all the glue and "starve" the joint. Drew has a way to prevent that.

2. Pneumatic Cove Sander -- The Drewster shows a brand new application for the pneumatic drum sander.

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