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Sawdust Session 19:  May 10, 2008
Topics: ALL about sawing and dadoing with a table tilted. Nick shows how to rip bevels along the length of a board, how to make bevel-miters across a board, how to make compound miters, and how to make angled dadoes. Includes FREE plans for (1) an "Anti-Gravity Uphill Miter Jig" that makes tilted table operations simple and safe; (2) a miter gauge extension"; and (3) a unique, elegant diamond-shaped shadow box. Plus a FREE Compound Miter Calculator and Drew's Interludes.

To view each topic, click on the photos.

1. Cutting Bevel-Miters -- You make a "bevel-miter" by cutting a bevel in the end of board with the table tilted. Here's a unique jig that defies gravity and keeps your cut-offs from sliding downhill. 2. Making Angled Dadoes -- Cutting a dado, groove, or rabbet at an angle in a board requires the you tilt the table and, on occasion, make a special table insert.
3. Making Compound Miters -- To make a compound miter,  you must tilt the table and angle the miter gauge. You can find the angles needed with our FREE Compound Miter Calculator. 4. Drew's Interludes -- First, the Drewmeister shows us how to extend the Shopsmith's capabilities and cut beveled miters smaller than 45 degrees. Second, he reveals two tricks to keep stock from blowing out when using a dado cutter.

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