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Sawdust Session 18:  April 26, 2008
Topics: Making a Laptop Desk with a "breadboard" lid, routing finger joints with a shopmade jig, and how to rout stopped or "blind" joints using a little planning and some simple geometry to feel your way. Plus Drew's Interludes.

To view each topic, click on the photos.

1. Making Breadboard Joints -- The lap desk is a timeless keep-all with some special joinery. The bread-board joints in the lid keeps the unsupported board from cupping. Includes FREE plans  for the desk! 2. Routing Finger Joints -- The sides of the lap desk are joined with interlocking tenons or "finger" joints. These strong, decorative joints are cut on a router table with a special jig. Includes FREE plans for the jig.
3. Routing Stopped Joints -- The bottom of the lap desk rests in stopped or "blind" grooves. Routing blind joints requires a special setup on the router table and a special way of laying out the joint. 4. Drew's Interludes -In Interlude 1, our musical friend waxes laconic about "upcut" and "downcut" router bits. In Interlude 2, he shows how to make and use an absurdly simple "push board" for cross-grain work on a router table.

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