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Sawdust Session #17:  April 12, 2008
Topics: Making turnings with the Ringmaster that curve in and out, how to make basic mortises and tenons and several variations on that theme, and replacing the Mark V Speed Control. Plus Drew's Interludes.

To view each topic, click on the photos.

1. SS Project: Turning Vases with the Ringmaster -- In the last in our Ringmaster series -- we show how to make curved vases, bowls, and hollow turnings that curve in and out. 2. Making Mortises and Tenons -- Discover how to make  a mortise with the mortising attachment, then fit a tenon to it using the dado cutter and tenoning jig. Also, several different variants on mortise- and-tenon joints.
3. Replacing the Mark V Speed Control -- How to remove, repair, and replace the speed control mechanism, including how to adjust the speeds and the indicator ring. 4. Drew's Interludes -- Interlude 1: Drew takes advantage of a little-known property of wood to fine-tune planer results. Interlude 2: Drew uses dado shims to shave a whisker off a tenon for a better fit.

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