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Sawdust Session #14:  February 23, 2008
Topics: Making "segmented" bowls with the Ringmaster, gluing up multiple miters to make multi-sided parts, thickness sanding boards with the conical disc, and to tips for easy rust removal. Plus Drew's Interludes, of course.

To view each topic, click on the photos.

1. Ringmaster 2: Making Segmented Bowls -- By gluing up segments or "wedges" to make turning stock and then cutting this stock on the Ringmaster, you can creating unique and striking bowls and vases. 2 Thickness Sanding with the Conical Sanding Disc -- You can sand boards up to 8" wide to precise thicknesses with Shopsmith's Conical Disc Sander and an easy-to-make jig. Free plans!
3. Rust Prevention and Removal -- Have your tools rusted this winter sitting in your unheated garage? Here are some easy ways to remove the rust, recondition the metal surfaces, and prevent them from rusting next year. 4 Drew's Interludes -- In Interlude 1, Drew invents a better way sharpen plane irons on the strip sander. Then, in Interlude 2, he uses a common household product to stop rust dead in its tracks. Simply amazing.

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