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Sawdust Session #11:  January 12, 2008
Topics: Using the Shopsmith Ringmaster to make turned bowls from single boards, making "asymmetrical finger joints on the band saw, which parts need cleaned and lubricated periodically on your Shopsmith Mark V, a melodius "wind harp" for your window, and Drew's Interludes.

To view each topic, click on the photos.

1. Ringmaster 1: Boards to Bowls  -- With the Ringmaster, you can create turning stock for  bowls from a single board, saving wood and time. We show how. Includes a FREE Ringmaster Calculator!

2. Band Sawn Finger Joints (and Wind Harp) -- Standard finger joints are all the same size. But by Using a band saw, you can make fingers of all different sizes to create unique patterns. Includes FREE plans for a Wind Harp.
3. Cleaning and Lubricating the Mark V -- A new, in-depth look at what to clean, where to lubricate, what to use, and what to look for to keep your Mark V in top-notch condition. 4. Drew's Interludes --Our producer Drew Achtermann makes his web debut and imparts two great woodworking tips -- an easy way to remove pencil marks and an effective method for planing thin stock.

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