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Sawdust Session #10:  December 29, 2007
Topics: Sharpening on the Strip Sander, making "turned cabriole" legs on the lathe, tuning up the Thickness Planer, and applying wipe-on finishes.

To view each topic, click on the photos.

1. Sharpening on the Strip Sander -- The Strip Sander and the Chisel Sharpening Attachment will put a keen edge on any hand tool, remove rust, polish, even strop an edge razor sharp. 2. Turning Cabriole Legs -- By making turning a table leg on two different centers, you can create a unique and elegant shape known as a "turned cabriole" leg. T
3. Applying Wipe-On Finishes -- Wipe-on "penetrating" finishes are simple to apply and will create a wide range of effects if you know a few simple tricks. Includes a formula for making you own wipe-on finish. 4. Thickness Planer Tune-Up --  Now and then, your planer needs a little alignment, adjustment, and TLC to keep on keeping on. Here are several common planer woes and what to do about them..

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