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Sawdust Session #3:  September 15, 2007
Topics: Replacing headstock switches, and introduction to overarm routing, compound cuts on the band saw, and a useful chemical wood stain.

To view each topic, click on the photos.

1. Replacing switches -- Our own Shopsmith fixit guru, Sue Powell, shows how to replace both the old toggle switch and the new rocker switch in the Mark V headstock. 2. The undiscovered power tool, part 1 -- According to Academy Director Nick Engler, the overarm router is in a  class by itself among tools, with capabilities like no other. The first of five parts.
3. Compound cuts -- How to make three-dimensional shapes on your band saw and scroll saw. After cutting some animals and abstract objects, we make a tapered table leg that looks as if it's been created from wooden vines. 4. The most incredibly even wood stain ever -- An old gunsmiths' trick for darkening gun stocks can be used to create an elegant stain or patina, even in problem woods!

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