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Sawdust Session 23:  August 9, 2008
Topics: Replacing the major parts and sub-assemblies of the drive train in an older Mark V headstock, band sawing and air-drying your own lumber, digitally measuring the quill feed, and a simple storage system for small tools and parts. Plus Drew' gives advice on preventing insect damage when drying wood and protecting cutting edges when storing tools.

To view each topic, click on the photos.

1. Rebuilding the Drive Train -- In Part 3 of Shopsmith Reborn, Nick shows how to replace and adjust the belts, how to remove the shafts, and how to perform a high-speed adjustment. 2. Band Saw Lumbering-- You can use you Band Saw to turn bolts of wood that might otherwise go for firewood into usable lumber, provide you stack it properly to dry and monitor its moisture content as it does so.
3. Digital Drilling -- With an ordinary digital caliper and some hardware, you can achieve extra-ordinary accuracy when drilling holes, gauging their depth to one thousandth of an inch as you drill. FREE PLANS for this super simple jig. 4. Egg Carton Storage -- A quick, easy, and inexpensive idea for organizing the drawers in a tool chest, workbench, or any piece of shop furniture. Keeps small tools and part separated, easy to find, and easy to reach.
Drew's Interludes:
1. Preventing Insect Damage
-- All your hard work band saw lumbering and air drying can be for naught if a few insects invade you wood stack. Drew has some advice for how to avoid this disappointment.

2. Protecting Cutting Edges in Storage -- Storing chisels, planes, files, rasps, and other hand tools  in a drawer can be hard on the cutting edges unless take a few precautions.

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