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Sawdust Session #16:  March 22, 2008
Topics: Installing doors, drawers, and a top on a built-in cabinet, shopmade wooden drawer slides that can save you a bundle in hardware expense, a few craftsman's secrets to help you install plastic laminate, and how to sharpen and use cabinet scrapers. Plus Drew's Interludes.

To view each topic, click on the photos.

1. Making Pull-Out Drawers and Slides -- Drew's classic cabinet incorporates a unique design for removable sliding drawers, including adjustable drawer slides that you can make yourself. 2. Applying Plastic Laminate -- As we create a top and a backsplash for the cabinet, we show you the procedures (and some time-saving tricks) for installing plastic laminate.
2. Trimming the Countertop --  A wooden molding frames a laminated countertop nicely, but it can be difficult to do. We show you a few techniques that make it easier. 4. Using and Sharpening Scrapers -- This simple pieces of tools steel are perhaps the most ingenious woodworking tools ever invented -- excepting the Mark V, of course.
Drew's Interludes:
1: Making a Mixing Pallet -- How to make and easy-to-clean pallet for mixing epoxy adhesives, putty, and many other two-part adhesives and fillers.
2. A Scraper Stop -- Drew creates a simple stop that attaches to a hand scraper to prevent you from scraping the parts of your project you don't want to scrape.

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