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Sawdust Session #7:  November 10, 2007
Topics: How to replace and re-tension the Mark V quill, the amazing pin routing technique, how to use the strip sander to sand the inside of a closed shape, and how to mount and turn burls, nature's wooden jewels.

To view each topic, click on the photos.

1. Replacing and Tensioning the Quill -- Nick and Sue show you how to remove, clean, replace, and tension the quill in the Mark V headstock. They also discuss how to tell if you have a one- or two-bearing quill. 2. The Undiscovered Power Tool, Part 4: Pin Routing -- Learn the basics of "pin routing," a useful and potentially profitable procedure that allows you to duplicate intricate shapes, create signs, copy scrollwork, and rout decorative patterns.
3. Sanding Inside Shapes -- The strip sander is one of the few tools designed to smooth both inside and outside surfaces. Nick shows how to use it to reach some very tight spots. 4. Mounting and Turning Burls --  Burls -- the ugly growths on the sides of trees -- often hide amazingly beautiful wood grain. Discover how to harvest, dry, mount, and turn these spectacular wooden "jewels."

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