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Sawdust Session #6:  October 27, 2007
Topics: An overview of the "Sand Flee" finish sander, the amazing pin routing technique, simplifying the odious chore of replacing jointer knives, and making your own veneer inlays and marquetry designs

To view each topic, click on the photos.

1. Introducing the Sand Flee -- Our newest SPT is a "finish sander" that offers unmatched control, letting you sand perfectly flat surfaces. Nick Engler  reports what he's found after using the tool for six months
2. Sanding Test -- We compared the Sand Flee to a high-quality random orbit sander by sanding several species of wood and inspecting the surfaces with a low-power microscope. This not a video. It's a photo comparison of our test results.
3. Setting Jointer Knives -- Nick takes the fear and loathing out of the chore of replacing your jointer knives. With a simple shop-made jig, you can set the height right on the money. 4. Marquetry Basics --  Discover how to create decorative pictures and patterns from inlaid veneer with the aid of a scrollsaw. See how to lay out the inlays, assemble the veneer "pad," saw the shapes and assemble them.

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