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Sawdust Session #4:  September 29, 2007
Topics: Replacing and tensioning the belts in the headstock, making simple joints with the overarm router, sharpening lathe chisels with the sharpening guide, and an introduction to veneering techniques.

To view each topic, click on the photos.

1. Replacing and Tensioning the Poly-V/Gilmer Belt -- Does your Mark V bog down in a cut? Could be the Poly-V or Gilmer belt. Nick Engler and Sue Powell show how to re-tension a loose belt and how to replace one that's worn out. 2. The Undiscovered Power Tool, Part 2: Routing Joinery -- Nick shows how to use the Overarm Router to make a variety of common joints -- rabbet, dado, groove, mortise, and tenon. Includes FREE plans for an ingenious Sliding Table Jig for cross-routing.
3. Sharpening Lathe Chisels -- Nick shares a few tips and tricks for using a Sharpening Guide to put a razor edge on the most common lathe tools -- skew, gouge, parting tool, and round nose. 4. Veneering basics -- Turn a humdrum woodworking projects into something spectacular with a little veneer. See how to match fletches, join them, and glue them to a wood or wood surface.

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